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I collaborate with brands and agencies to create memorable experiences.

Think of me as more of a creative partner than a resource. This means I have shared perspective on how I can work together to achieve your goals. Basically, your new BFF.



Branding & Graphic Design

A professionally designed logo is often the branding cornerstone of any business. It's deeply personal, creative, eye-catching, and will be the start of the entire look and feel of your company.



I produce prints, posters, flyers, stationery, business cards, invitations, books, catalogues and leaflets. I care about what we do and want to help you as much as I can. Let me know if you have any questions about my services, or if you just need guidance. I like experimenting and trying out new ideas and are always happy to suggest you the best way to go about your order.


Social Media

Face it, if your business doesn't have a website, Instagram or facebook page, or it's been more than a few years since its last update, then chances are you need someone who can take care of that for you.


Video Production & Photography

Your creative is important. So important, that sometimes it can determine whether your marketing campaign will succeed or fail. I understand what drives people and will help you build creative that moves people.


I believe in not just providing a service to my clients but also forming a relationship based on understanding my client’s needs and then developing solutions based on those needs.

Video Power Logo-01.png
Montekristo Logo-01.png
Andres Logo-01.png
Diamond's Logo-01.png
Preti Logo-01.png
Kikka Logo-01.png
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MET Logo-01.png
Opes Logo-01.png
Milas Logo-01.png
Urban Logo-01.png
Valletta glass Logo-01.png
Benniena Logo-01.png
Gudja Pharmacy Logo-01.png
Pepitos Logo-01.png
Julian Borg Logo-01.png
Ayrton Logo-01.png
Esplora Logo-01.png
Micra Logo-01.png
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