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Stuck at home? I know it’s frustrating, but right now holds an amazing opportunity to evolve your brand.

Now with all this sudden time on your hands you can finally concentrate on things you’ve never had (or even known) to have the time for.

Instead of sitting around the house waiting for this to all be over, put your energies into building brand, prepared and ready to rock when (or even before) the economy starts to recover.

Diamonds are built under pressure.

Companies who have built strong personal brands will be less affected by the economical effects of this pandemic. Why? Because they’ll stick in people’s minds and can rely on their brand to keep rolling in from the kind of clients every company dreams of.

Now you can invest in your brand in ways that don’t require you getting out or dropping thousands.

It does not have to be overwhelming. So where do you start on your brand improvement journey in an easy, cost effective and fun way?

It’s quite simple actually. Begin with a proper Logo that’ll boost your entire level of professionalism through the roof. A logo that will serve as your unique and timeless mark that repeatedly gets praised by clients (which is crazy, because why would a client praise your logo?).

You can see how I work in this Link

Visualise Your Brand Image.

Your personal brand’s visual identity is the first thing your audience will see when getting in contact with you. That’s why it needs to be absolutely awesome! Each little detail counts and one of the smallest elements is actually one of the most important. Having a professional-looking logo that fits your style is the first step to creating a successful brand image that will surely impress your customers. The key component is consistency. Your audience will be able to recognise you easily, thanks to certain elements that repeat throughout your brand and never change.

This is some of my branding designs.

If you wish to discuss how I can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, email me at: info.charlescaruana.mt At this moment I am not meeting clients but we can make video call.

Charles Caruana is a Freelance Graphic Designer that is passionate about effective Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logos, Social Media and Photography.

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