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Michela Pace is the winner of X Factor Malta and she's going to represent Malta at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv.

This is my opinion about the first X Factor Malta.

I Love the show because you can see new talent try his/her best to perform. And in this first series of the X Factor Malta we so many talented artists.

Yes Michela Pace is the winner but I want to say well done all the participants specially to the finalist Owen Leuellen, Petra and Nicole they was amazing yesterday. WELL DONE!

In this show it was one person that inspired me a lot Anna Faniello because she showed us what is will power... with a lovely attitude and lovely voice! Everyone know her for her son Fabrizio Faniello & her daughter Claudia Faniello.

On anther note and is very impotent well done to PBS for this amazing show, now we are touching the hi level of production.

And what about the judges Howard Keith Debono, Ira Losco, Ray Mercieca and Alexandra Alden. It was very heard to find the good talent a specially at the end when all the artists are good. It was relay hot seat, I don't agree with them some times but as I said it was very difficult to choose from a very good talent artist.

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