• Charles Caruana

4 ways graphic design is being utilised effectively during the current COVID-19 crisis

Designers, by their very nature, are creative problem solvers. They seek creative solutions to answer even the most complex of briefs. So, it seems only natural that design has a role to play in helping to tackle the current Coronavirus crisis.


1. As a vital communication tool

When times are tough and people are scared, confused and uncertain, it’s vital that all communication is clear and easy to understand. Information and messaging needs to be accurate, direct and give people clear guidance on what they should do.

A great example of design in a time of crisis is the iconic wartime posters advising people to ‘keep calm and carry on’. This simple slogan both comforts and instructs in a trust worthy, yet behaviour-changing manner.

2. To reinforce and help maintain social distancing rules

Here in Malta, we love to queue, but with social distancing our queuing etiquette needs to change. The Government is advising that if we have to go out, we must stay 2 metres (6ft) away from people not in our household at all times. But in reality, not everyone will be clear on how far that is, and that again, is where graphic design is coming in to help.

Simple floor vinyls have been installed in supermarkets and hospitals, which act as a simple, visual and easy to follow reminder to help people keep a safe distance from one another.

3. To help keep connected and support each other

It’s more important than ever that we take the time to connect and look after each other, and we’re seeing some great examples of how design can be used to reach out to others.

4. And to provide bit of light relief

As many people struggle to adapt and come to terms with the current situation, mental health is a major concern. Designers across the globe have been using their skills to offer some humour and light relief at this difficult time.

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